The 5 Top Universities Of India To Educate From

Top Universities of India

Not only today, but the history of India also tells a lot about Top Universities Of India and the education system here. India has given a lot to the learnings of the world. India’s contribution to the wisdom of humans on this planet is really precious. May be other countries claim to be far better than India, but the truth is, India has shown the best ways of doing certain things to the world.

Today when we talk about the Top Universities Of India, there are many names in the list. At this point of time Indians do have a lot of options to choose from. Starting from historical studies to the latest technologies, India has world class universities offering a number of such courses. The time has gone when students used to struggle with limited number of educational Institutions to study from. We are proud to list 5 Top Universities Of India, Students should always try to get admitted in.

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Delhi University

This 98 years old university has seen many growing from the education they got from here. This university is divided into two parts, North Campus and South campus. This is one of the largest Universities in India nd this university offer around 250 courses. You can Imagine how grand this university is. Divided into 16 faculties, many of the departments of Delhi University are awarded. Students die to get a chance to get admission here.

Indian Institute of Technology – Mumbai

This is one of the best technical and research universities in India. IIT Mumbai offers around 80 different courses and it takes students to go through tough competition to crack the enterance. This University is ranked number 1 by JEE for its Btech courses. Students need to qualify various entrance exams to certain cutoffs to take admission in IIT Mumbai courses. It is not easy to get admission here, you will have to study hard.

Indian Institute of Technology- Kanpur

IIT Kanpur is well known for powerful research courses offered here. IIT Kanpur students have reached to top levels and have touched sky. Who does not want to be a part of this university. Students dream to be educated in any of the courses offered by IIT Kanpur. This university offers education in around 65 different courses. This university gives more than 85% placement result.

Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi

This is one of the premier universities in the capital city of India. This university is well recognised for its technical education. IIT Delhi is one of the top universities of India. You have option of more than 70 courses in this university. Placement offers are also best. IIT Delhi has made a record of 100% placement many years. This is always one of the top choices for technical education.

Indian Institute of Technology- Chennai

Entrance exams for this university are also of same level as other universities above. IIT Madras offer more than 70 courses to study and research in. This institute offers various scholarship programs to needy students. In terms of placements, this university shows a record of around 65-70 percent students placed every year.

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