Popular Food Of West Bengal

Food Of Bengal

Food of West Bengal: West Bengal is not just about sweets it has more and a heaven of food for both veg and non –vegan. Bengalis love their food rather than at same time, as is regular done in most other Indian regional food.

West Bengal is famous for a lot of things and most famous for food of West Bengal. The delicious rasogullas, rasmalai, chomchom etc.

 The rule of Nawabs has deeply changed Bengali culture and food of west Bengal which is a combination of spicy and fiery flavours. 

West Bengal is most famously known as the land of maach (fish) and bhaat .

Here we bring you a list of famous food of West Bengal:

Dimer Dhokkar Dalna and Luchi:

It is very common and famous food of west Bengal which can be found in every house of Bengali. It is made of steamed cakes and with eggs, potatoes and spices and then stewed in a fragrant curry.


The most famously  sweet from the Bengali state, this sweetest dish is made of khoya, a version of consolidated milk and is amazing in taste. This dish is neither overly sweet thus allowing people with a non-sweet tooth to enjoy too. You should definitely had a shot of this food of West Bengal.

Jhal Muri:

We can call it the Bengali version of the bhel. Jhal Muriis the street food of Bengal. This dish is made from rice flakes tossed with spicy chutney and mustard oil. It’s a very common snack to munch on, while travelling around the city in the evening, and engaging in long-winding conversations with a friend or everywhere you can easily have this. The  best place to sample the jhal muri is Dacre Lane or Dacre Street in Kolkata, that Is even appreciated by the WHO that claimed that the food here was the Best Street Food in the World!

Mutton Biryani:

It is  famous in various parts of the country, each marked with unique cooking techniques and spices; but one should also try this taste in West Bengal also. It is filled a lot of spicy spices and ghee, the mutton biryani is made then simply heaven. One should definitely try , this yummy recipe . It is one of best food of west Bengal.

Tangra Machra Jhol:

As we all are familiar with the fact that Bengal has a rich source of fresh water as well as there are saltwater fishes. The Tangra fish is sa kind of catfish which is found in the freshwater bodies abound in the region. The dish which is made by this fish is prepared with freshly  spices, and the thin curry is light on the stomach and also heavenly tasty too. This dish is a big hit among the Bengalis in the region.

Alur dom:

 There are so many ways to prepare this dish made of potatoes, it is also a hit food of west Bengal and it is found in the regular Bengali household. If there is nothing left in the house, potatoes always come to the rescue. This dish can be incorporated with many different spices and prepared in many ways. It is most commonly eaten with Luchi, another Bengali dish

Mishti Doi:

Mishti Doi is a famous dish of west Bengal and it is a yoghurt dish that is served at the end of food and serves as a sweet dish. Though it is served all around the country now, it was initially made famous by Bengal. You must try it once if you have a sweet tooth.

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