Mouth-Watering Dishes From Assam

Asmese Dishes

Assamese dish: There is a huge variety of culture in our country, and as far as food, Assam offers the perfect sort of flavours to stimulate your taste buds. With a wide assortment of native food to offer, Assamese dishe is renowned for its particular seasoning and impacts. Did we notice that it is a paradise for non-vegan darlings? Delectable pork, chicken, and lamb dishes will leave you needing for additional.

The most amazing aspect of Assamese dishe( dishes of assam) is that the elements of these dishes are privately created. The vegetables like Cherry tomatoes, Coriander, Eggplants, assortment of green vegetables, Chili, Mint leaves and some more, are privately created in the kitchen nursery of each family unit. The natural vegetables from the nursery help to upgrade the flavor of the bona fide customary Assamese dishes.

Doi Chira (Beaten rice, Curd and Jaggery):

Doi Chira (Beaten rice, Curd and Jaggery) is a conventional Assamese breakfast dish.

The acclaimed Doi Chira is one of the mainstream breakfast assamese dishes, served customarily in chime metal utensils, known as Baan Bati. In Assamese, we call it Jolpan. It implies a smaller than normal supper generally served in the first part of the day as breakfast. There are an assortment of Jolpan variants. It is one of best and traditional assamese dish.


This is essentially a type of singed or bubbled vegetable or fish blended in with green chilli, onion, cleaved ginger, mustard oil, and coriander leaves. An assortment of fixings like potato, eggplant, pumpkin, red lentils, and even fish can be set up into a Pitika.

This dish holds the first kind of the fundamental fixing joined with the sharpness of crude mustard oil and the aromatics. Effortlessly arranged and presented with rice, this Assamese dish is healthy and delectable solace nourishment for the beginner just as the tainted home cook.

Pitha: Sweet dish of assam

Pitha is quite possibly the most mainstream nibble time dishes, typically had at breakfast or with night tea. There is a wide assortment of pithas accessible. They can be sweet or appetizing, steamed or seared, cooked in a wide range of methods. This is quite possibly the most specialized food sources of Assam dish and needs a ton of accuracy to get the dish to turn out right.

Duck meat curry

Duck meat curry is one more exceptional food of Assam(assamese dish) inferable from duck being a mainstream meat in the state. It is generally saved for extraordinary events and utilizations a scope of entire flavors that add its flavor. It is typically cooked with Ash Gourd however varieties incorporating cooking it with sesame, lentil, pumpkin and parts more. In case you’re an fan of duck meat, you need to give this a shot.

Patot diya maas :

Patot diya mass( steamed fish wrapped in banana leaves) is one of best mouth-watering assamese dish.

This is a mainstream dish among non vegans. In the event that you are a fish sweetheart, this is energetically suggested. The little new tiny fishes are utilized to set up this dish. The cleaned fishes are blended in with sweet-smelling spices like coriander, culantro/sawtooth coriander, slashed onions, chillies, salt and mustard oil. They are enveloped by banana leaves or sweet-smelling turmeric leaves and steamed. In the wake of steaming, add a couple of drops of fragrant lemon to it and Voila, taste it now!!

Maasor Tenga (Tangy Fish Curry):

Maasor Tenga (Tangy Fish Curry) is a work of art and well known Authentic Assamese dish.

The exemplary conventional Assamese tart fish curry is one enthusiastically suggested dish which ought not be missed in Assam. Maasor Tenga is one of the top most loved dishes, broadly mainstream among food sweethearts the nation over. This notorious dish is cooked with tomatoes and new rohu fish. The Assamese public utilize distinctive souring components to cook this dish, as Outenga (elephant apple), Thekera (Garcinia), Tomato, Lemon, various spices, and so forth Maasor Tenga or tart fish curry is very relieving in mid year months, particularly during lunch. The hot bowl of white rice with Maasor Tenga is adequate to satisfy your food want in Assam.

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