The Most Popular Indian Politicians

Most Popular Indian Politician Narendra Modi

If you are a person who takes interest in politics, then you should know these Most Popular Indian Politicians. Politics in India is a most discussed topic whole year. There have been many popular politicians in Indian politics who witnessed a loot of support by the public.

There were many who showed their toughest sides to the world, but many were those who build their calm image throughout. Though we have known hundreds of national leaders in Indian politics, but few of them can never be forgotten. Either by the nature of handling tough situation or by making place in people’s heart they have left a non-erasable print.

Not just the strict ones but the leaders with simple personalities all got love of people. We have listed 10 Most Popular Indian Politicians below.

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Jawaharlal Nehru

Starting before India got freedom, he has proved himself a most loved politician of the country. He used to be the first love of children and they used to call him chacha Nehru. After freedom, when India had nothing to build it strong again, this man took the responsibility to give every ounce of his to this country. Becoming India’s first prime minister was not an easy responsibility to accept at that worst ever phase of India.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

A true believer of peace, always calm and cool, Atal Bihari was a that kind of leader. He left his ultimate image not just as a prime minister of India, but also us a leader who made opposition strong, when Congress was the biggest party in the country. He was one of the Most Popular Indian Politicians and a loving poet or writer. His poems on country pulls people into him. India will never forget this gentleman.

Narendra Modi

This leader does not need any introduction. Internationally acclaimed leadership and aggressive approach to serious issues, are what this man is known for. Whether it is Kashmir or Ram mandir, this man had done everything he promised to the country. All powerful decision he has take will always be remembered.

Lal Bahadur Shashtri

He became India’s 2nd Prime minister. His style of working was truly inspiring. When he used to address people, Every word from his mouth was getting trusted. He served India in the poorest times ever, and he proved himself.

Indira Gandhi

This first ever lady prime minister of India was well known for her brave decisions. She was the one who helped Bangladesh getting separated from Pakistan. She was quick decision maker and was a lady of dynamic personality. India has witnessed many ups and downs when she was at the top position of the country.

Lalu Prasad Yadav

Either you laugh on the way he talks, or you learn the leadership fro him, this gentleman is has a personality, you will be fan of. Country has listened laughable speeches from this leader. He has his unique style and quite a perfect leadership skill. Lalu is also one of Most Popular Indian Politicians.

Rajiv Gandhi

A prime minister well known for his dynamic foreign policies. True servant to the country and a man of his words, Rajiv Gandhi has given a lot to this country. Congress will never forget him.

Soniya Gandhi

She has seen worst time in her family. From Itly to India, she proved her worth. She married Rajiv Gandhi and later became congress president She left prime ministerial position because opposition pulled her legs for being originated from other country.

Rahul Gandhi

He took the tradition of family to move further in politics. Though he has not gained much in the politics yet, but people really love him. He is very popular.

Arvind Kejriwal

He emerged as a leader who fought against the ruling party. He protested for long and then jumped into politics to clean the mess. He is one of the most simple leaders of India.

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