10 All The Time Best Cricketers Of The World

Best Cricketers Of The World

Whatever field you have interest in, you always look for best people in those fields, so if cricket is also of your interest you will be happy to know about the Best Cricketers Of The World. Cricket got originated from England and now there are many countries around the world where this game is the most popular one. People who love playing cricket can play this game even in a narrow street. People who love to watch cricket, they can stand outside a restaurant for hours to watch this game.

This world has witnessed many years of this game and a lot of talented players emerged across the time. All those countries that participate in this game have their national teams and top players with them. But there are some cricket players in the world, who proved themselves as all time hero of this game. They impressed the world with their batting or bowling class and entertained people with their best game. We have listed 10 Best Cricketers Of The World below to know them a bit more.

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Sir Don Bradman- Australia

Who does not know about this greatest batsman and his unique style of batting. He was nick named as “The Don” and he really was the don of cricket. He secured a century in debut match and was well known for his awesome footwork.

Sachin Tendulkar- India

In his country, this batsman is known as the GOD OF CRICKET and the records he has made, seems beyond the reach. He is the one who scored century of centuries in his career. He is all time highest run making machine.

Sir Vivian Richards- West Indies

This all time best batsman has always been a pillar of cricket team of West Indies. He is a true inspiration for the people, who want to become a cricketer. With his dynamic game he won the heart of audience in every game he played.

Kapil Dev- India

This Captain of World Cup winning team of India has never looked back. He was not just a top class batsman but also a nice bowler. The record of hitting sixes on all the balls of an over is in the name of this gentleman cricketer.

Muttiah Muralitharan- Srilanka

Can you imagine a player who has 800 wickets in his name. What a classic bowling and what a calm personality, world will never forget this Srilankan bowler. He used to win test matches on his own. He was a one man army.

Shane Warne- Australia

Have you ever got a chance to watch this player bowling. World know what a classic spinner he had been. He was known as the backbone of the cricket of Australia. He used to play for state of victoria.

Brian Lara- West Indies

When you talk about the reliable and saviours of the team, Lara is the top name for your list. His match winning image was always the best strength of West Indies these days. More than 10k runs in Bothe the oneway and test formats of cricket made him popular.

Chris Gayle- West Indies

This man is all time dangerous batsman of the world. If this batsman used to be available at the wickets for more than 30 minutes, opposite team used to lose all its hope of winning the match. What a classic sixes, he hit.

Adam Gilchrist- Australia

He used to be the best opener of team of Australia and he used to blast with his bat. One of the best batsman and the sixes he used to hit are memorable for all cricket lovers.

Wasim Akram- Pakistan

This Pakistani bowler has always scared the batsmen with his terrific bowling. World has witnessed the great performance of this bowler. He is one of the Best Cricketers Of The World.

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