Money Can’t Buy Happiness, Mind It!

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It’s a famous cliche that ‘Money can’t buy happiness‘. But on the flip of the coin people are more pressurised through financial problem. So, when this question arises what can make your life better, 90% people often answer ‘MONEY’.

As lot of research has been conducted on this topic and different major studies in economics as well. Thousands of people have participated in this survey. We have gathered all this information and got you a answer, which is so requested by everyone. Money do makes you happy, but just little because of different factors implied with it.

Results of surveys stated

  • Recent survey of thousands of people among 150 countries has been stated that earning more makes you happy. But it also increases your thrust of demands. If you are earning little more than before, you ultimately must be having further more demands. More demands will need to satisfy in accordance of your more income. If somebody is earning $100,000 per year that would be little more satisfied than other person earning $50,000. This study found that each doubling of your income correlated with a life satisfaction 0.5 points higher on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • Do you want to look at how happy people are right now? You will be amazed that in some countries people with high income are still less satisfied with people earning low in different country. Large study found that people in countries with average incomes of $32,000 were only 10% happier in their lives than those in countries with average incomes of just $2000.
  • In accordance of another survey data, a typical person with a household income of $2,000 rates their life satisfaction at around 4.2 out of scale 10. A typical person with a household income of $64,000 rates their life satisfaction at 7.2 out of scale 10

Now apart from this survey there is a study where you can create your own happiness.

Giving money to someone for living $1,000 per year in the developing countries will be more  important and satisfactory to improve their lives than giving the same amount to the one earning $25,000. This would be about 25 times more valuable. If you want to help people, this is a major reason to focus on international poverty rather than helping the relatively poor in richer countries. Donating money to the needed one will give you inner peace and will put a smile on other person’s face as well. This states that Money can’t buy happiness exactly.

Best investment which you can ever do is investing in yourself. To be more clear, here I want to state that if you invest in yourself it will ultimately boost your happiness and will spend it across your surrounding too. For example, if you wear good clothes and carry yourself well groomed it will create sense of self confidence. It will attract others also. Try to build your own happiness instead finding it around.

3 magical keys which can give you satisfaction along with the less earning are Prioritisehealth and comparison with others.
PRIORITIZE:- Spend money on things which makes you happy and your life easier instead of saving that for future need which can lead less satisfaction. Give priorities to your happiness.
HEALTH:- Health problem can also make you depress. Being healthy has the direct connection with the happiness. Stay healthy .
DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF WITH OTHERS:- Financially, psychologically, and socially always keep yourself as your competitor and be happy every time when you win your previous self. Indeed, Money can’t buy happiness.


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