Whistle Of Your Cooker Makes You Earn.

Cooking Makes You Earn

From the journey of hamburgers to rajma chawal you can take your love for cooking to professional level and makes you earn money. Cooking delicious food is not everyone’s cup of coffee. There is some magic in chef’s hand if they have pure interest in cooking. If you put little extra effort to your art of cooking you can smoothly earn good income from it. Here, are the different ways which can put your interest in it.

YouTube channel

Cooking channels on youtube are so popular these days! For this you just need to make a channel on youtube and pour some good quality videos where you can show your cooking skills. People also do travelling documentary, where they travel different countries and explore their cuisine. Youtube channel gives you a big platform, where you can show your innovation with food and make money out of it.

People often mix and match different ingredients and make blunders from that. One of the most famous YouTube blogger named BEN show his creativity of food like pouring beer in rice and gets so much VIRAL because this is something which people are looking for these days. Youngsters of this era have less knowledge of cooking food. So what they casually do is, deep digging on youtube. Where they follow their favourite food bloggers and visit those channels for preparing their meal on daily basis. Youtube cooking makes people earn undoubtedly better.

Recipe books

Recipe writing is an art. Recipe writers capture all the steps, ingredients, and details of a dish, so that readers can easily able to replicate the meal successfully. There are some people who write book related food recipes and get them published. So, for book reading lovers you can write and publish your cookery book. Though that is not in demand much these days but you can still earn good from that.

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Traditional Indian cookery is hugely in demand all across world. Here are some famous chefs who share their secrets of real Indian cooking in their books.
Tasting India-Christine Manfield

Made in India, Cooked in Britain- Meera Sodha

Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen- Richa

Entice with spice- Shubhra Raminen

Madhur Jaffrey’s Ultimate Curry Bible-Madhur Jaffrey

Cook and make money at home

Teaching cooking classes through well  instructed program at home is the most easy task from which you can earn money. Every lady who doesn’t earn, but still works at house so much and called depended on their husband. They feel demotivated too. By teaching cooking at house they can easily earn money. There are several other ways also you can make money. If you’re comfortable in front of the camera and really enjoy doing cooking demos then get up and create your own cooking classes to sell online . Here you can easily earn money without any big investment.

Today’s youth is living far from their parents in search of job and career. To those people you can also provide tiffin services. As home made food is better then other . You can sell any type of food according to the requirement. You can also sell your food documentary in different channel and get yourself famous.

So, what are you waiting for, get your apron ready! If you have some other idea let us know in comment section below.

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